What's our story?

We are Lisa and Phil, new(ish) parents who have found our world turned upside down in the best way possible by the arrival of our little man. He’s your typical little one – small, cute, ridiculously inquisitive and 100% full-on!

Like all parents we want to give him the best start in life and help him develop.  We wanted to know about the stages of his development, how to encourage that development, the best toys to stimulate him and we wanted it all quickly and easily. But we couldn’t find this anywhere. After speaking with friends we realised we weren’t the only ones who wanted this. We started to find answers to our questions and with encouragement from other parents we started brightplaybox.


At brightplaybox we stand for:

Development first

If something doesn’t help benefit your child’s development, it doesn’t go in the box.


Letting children be children

We’re about providing children with the right stimulation and challenge at the right time, not about  trying to accelerate their development. There will be plenty of serious times in their life ahead so we think children should just be allowed to have fun being children.


Supporting parents

We know being a parent is not easy: there is no training, it's exhausting and at times overwhelming.  You only want to do the best for your child and you know that you are a pivotal part of their development. Our boxes help parents and their children get the most out of play in a fun, easy and simple way.


Bright, fun playtimes

Development doesn't have to be boring! Playtime can be fun for both you and your little one and our brightplayboxes are designed to help you make sure it is.